Come and have a go if you think you're funny enough

West Down Ranges Wiltshire 260244 Eisenhower Monty.jpg

I don't care if it's Sepp Dietrich and 6th Panzer. Just twat them so I can go home. I'm fekkin freezing.

(After the war you Brits can have this sector and that shitehole Sennelager too. Grumble Snafum Razem Frazem. Bah)
Will you be sat up front like that on the day sir?
What do you think soldier you cheeky twat? Oh and it’s one sausage from here on in for you young man!

Well there was this animal, an elephant it was, it picked us up on the A2 and then just dumped us on The South Downs. I know it’s not something you see every day on the way to work.

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