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So Taylor you say you were, in your own words, ‘pissed out of your head and stark bollock naked’ when Officer Magilla cautioned you. You then verbally abused the officer, calling him a ‘fucking monkey’. You then state that the officer yelled ‘MONKEY? MONKEY? I’m a fucking gorilla you clown!’, drew his baton and grabbed your arm in an attempt to restrain you. There was a struggle during which you shouted ‘Let go of me you damned dirty ape!’ Then everything went black’
Taylor was subsequently charged and is currently awaiting trial.
Excerpt from the new series of POTA Blue.
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Use the fukcing search function.

You've been told twice.

Next time won't be so nice.

No, you don't get any coffee.


Right you lot, this slide shows the picture to be used on new Army recruitment poster along with the caption ‘Your Army Needs You’. Now the Colonel, God only knows why, has asked for suggestions for other snappy comments that are to be printed below the caption. Any ideas ? ..... No Atkins I don’t fucking think ‘To Dress Like A Cunt’ is a fucking good idea! Wanker!


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Interviewer: 'Thank you for coming to see us Mr Wetherspoon. Now, tell us in a few words what qualities you bring to your application to join the SAS?'

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