Come and have a go if you think you're funny enough

Ya Ya Meine Herr
but I told you those Polish builders were shitenhousen
next time you want a patio get the eyeties in

Vogelsang in suits, Yeh, they will survive the first hour......NOT
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... and I can assure you all that everything will be absolutely wonderful in the future.
Uberfliegermiester ( or wateverthefuckheis ) What says the intercepts ?

Frauline Funke...……. It seems they are not going to advance at all, they're going to a dance. But they need Three and Fourpence ,
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"There I was, 50 metres over London, upside down with nothing on the clock but the makers name"

"I wish that boring cunz would fukkenzy auf"

"Well I don't think it was this foggy last year" said Agatha.

Das ist Guttes AssFutt............ nichts???

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