Come and have a go if you think you're funny enough

It had been another long wait, but at least the RAF airlift turned up this time.
The men were so quiet in the trench, you could hear a pin drop.

Panicky voice...….FIND THAT ******* PIN. View attachment 343278
"It's the usual sad list lads. Pte John Topmkins, LCpl Jim Roberts and Pte Smudge Smith are all now identifying as women too and reckon it will be another 100 years before they are allowed to serve at the front."

No! No! Keep the tube down at the other end when I piss.

No Sir.. At no time did we fall asleep on duty Sir.. Yes Sir.. we did check the lads back in at 0:00 hundred hours.. No Sir.. they were not drunk Sir.. errrrr... NOW Sir.. You want to see us right NOW.. ??
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BTW chaps, If you want the image from the original quoted post to show up again just right click and choose 'Copy Image' and then paste it into the body of your new post. Voila, everybody knows what your comment is referencing and it adds a bit of panache ! :)

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