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Make sure your vet gives the puppy a thorough physical examination, especially checking your puppy's eyes, ears, mouth, coat, temperature, weight, listening to chest (heart and breathing) and feeling the abdomen too. He/she will probably discuss vaccinations, and check for tuberculosis, ringworm,mange,distemper,rabies and tapeworm.
Tried to take the little so and so to the vet today .Must be teething .....Bless
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The problem is mainly due to the speed limit. One of us has to walk (quickly) in front with a red flag.

If that's for real, why did they bother building all those straight roads?

(I know the real answer is so nobody could set up corner shops.)


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Dio Cassius and Tacitus would agree that the Britons were overcome by superior Roman technology. Now one sees what he meant.

Claudius parading through Colchester on an elephant was a bit of a let-down by comparison but his route there is generally regarded as the first trunk road. If he had come by air however ..

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