Come and have a go if you think you're funny enough

Doktor……….There you are frauline braun, now don't let the liebstandarte do that to you again.

eva ………...Ho....hum. View attachment 342860
"Well the bottom implants have gone well Jim; all we need to do now is cut off your cock and balls and you'll be all woman."

Gout Man

Book Reviewer

Gout Man

Book Reviewer
Come on Hanz, get it tuned in man, Zee top twenty is on now.

I'm trying , Lt I do hope zat Glen Miller has fallen out of zee charts, I do like zat new birdy song about Dover so I do, oh here we go Turn it up.

"... but the thing that most surprised me is how short you guys all are!"

After a hearty breakfast of beans and cabbage Oscar felt confident his patented Fart Focusing Funnel would give him an added advantage on the hill climb
Breaking News: Frome found using Wiggins' suppository during Tour de France.

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