Come and have a go if you think you're funny enough

Just exactly how witty is the ARRSE NAAFI?

I am working on some imagery for the Sgt Slingsby site, we want to create a library of amusing images with the Sgt's web site on them so that as they spread around the interwebnet it gets the web site a bit of free publicity.

The author of the funniest caption gets credited on the final image

Hopefuly we will be able to sustain a few of these so this is the first of many


Just popping into the pool for a crafty p!ss

Over to you


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Timmy thought the toilet was a tad large, but the 'squatting hand-holds' where very helpful.


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Wendy had to put on a brave face, after all, they WERE family.
meridian said:
Absolutely, ARRSE has got talent

And the next one


My pathetic starter

"June wasn't quite sure what a spit roast was, but she knew she was going to find out soon"
June was hoping for a gang bang....little did she know that they were raving homo's


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Lucy didn't know what to do, she was stuck between a spakk and a tard place.

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