Come and have a go if you think your funny enough - Part 2


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The was the hardest test yet for the lads, but if they could avoid reacting to such outrageous provocation, they would pass.
meridian said:
Same style as Part 1 but this time with colour

Smith was reprimanded for his uniform AGAIN! The garders should have been red...


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The R.A.F. decided to cash in on the proven successes of the American UAV program.

Flt Sqn Ldr Fahrquar found out to his embarrasment that the size of ones aircraft, is in fact, directly proportional to the size of ones penis

Capt. Jan couldn't have continued her career with the Parachute Regiment.

Edit for wrong bleedin' picture, can you believe?

Lady Zara Phillips swore to herself that never again would she play truth or dare with other members of the Royal Family

"Oh yes, Minister", said CAS from his kneeling position as he gazed adoringly upward. "The chaps simply love the British version of the Joint Strike Fighter."

Although his voice was slightly muffled...

Nichos stood fast and hoped no-one would see his mistake

In spite of the bad weather and thanks to the guiding crew on the ground another pilot of the Greek airforce makes a safe landing

The troops were more afraid of lying to the RSM than they were of owning up to the graffiti.

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