# Come along and be smarty, lets all join the Nazi Party! #

A convenient excuse to let the Germans off the hook but we all know the Germans would follow a fart if it meant world domination and allowed them to wear leder-hosen. War mongers the lot of them.
aw what about the Morris dancers ?
BiscuitsAB said:
ah-ha put a whole load of blokes in the same enviroment and get them to perform "team" based tasks under pressure and they will form a co-hesive bond. You know i think that thers a name for that,

Yep its called "Basic training"

You beat me to making the same point. :D
Strange, how the "Old fashioned" military mindset, turns out to have "modern academic justification". :roll:
Not many people know this but Morris dancing was originally invented as a training aid for British colonists going abroad. That's the reason for all that stick banging. That was so the settlers could drive the locals off with mass baton charges, all in perfect timing. Later on, when Australia became the colony of choice, the handkerchief waving routines were introduced so that the new arrivals would be ready to fight off the swarms of flies waiting for them.

Irish dancing, with all that dancing in a row with stamping feet, that was invented to help the Irish navvies to pound down the waterproof clay at the bottom of the canals when they were being dug. In fact, when the Irish started their biggest dance company it was originally going to be called Canal Dance, only the PR men finally decided that River Dance sounded better.

A nice Irish guy told me all this when I bought him a black and tan last St. Patrick's Day.


War Hero
Researchers have found that if groups perform tasks in unison, such as marching, dancing and chanting, they show more loyalty towards each other and are less likely to go against the norm.

Bit of a stretch from drill to invading Poland though init?