Comd's Essential Operational Reading List on AKX

Can I suggest that all those preparing for deployment (from 18 months out) consult the Comds' Reading List on the Army Knowledge eXchange (AKX). AKX is accessible via the RLI and is just one click away via the hyperlink on the Defence, Army or LWC intranet home pages. It is continuously updated and is put together by LWDG's Afghan COIN Centre but with inputs from across LF. Additional reading lists for Platoon and Section Comds have just been added. An UNCLASSIFIED version will soon be launched on AKX(U) on ArmyNET.

ARRSE members may also like to know that the new home of the British Army Review is AKX - (R) initially and soon AKX(U) too. The new edition will be published electronically on AKX on 1 Sep and will be linked to discussion forums thereby stimulating debate of current topical military issues including Capt Bethell's "warts and all" article "Accidental Insurgents".

AKX(R), LF "one-stop shop" for Land environment operational knowledge, is now receiving 1500 hits per day. If you haven't had a look then you should. It is now also live on SECRET.
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