Should all scaleys be together

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Took a mosey on up to comd tp 3 regt the other and noticed how busy the boys were, cracking on with this and that.

Just wondering if the 9 idea of chucking all scaleys together is ok or do we still need a bit of distance from the RSO and the sqns!

Also noticed that the banter was some of the funniest i have heard for some time! So no morale problems there then!!!
yes all signals should be together as command support group a new location would clearly be needed and it would save the sqn sigs from skiving all day
I see some of the old whinges are still the same as the new ones.

Signallers were always far more intelligent and bright than the bowser mongs, they were also far wittier and didn't smell of avtur and sweat.

Thier smocks weren't frayed and battered from rotting due to avn fuel and FSII all over them.

MT, QMs and Clerks all smoke c0ck, thank God the Sigs keep the Corps alive.... Incidently the God I am thanking also had a bit of a softspot for all the '21 callsigns' meanwhile he thought that MT and FARP crews were all Cnuts :D
All signallers are gay men who can't drive a hefty vehicle like a bowser, and talk about erecting masts all day. Poofs the lot of them!
Easy tigersfan you might get a visit from the shore patrol.
For everyone else thats a navy thing. Isn't that right admiral!
I could be wrong PM me if you dare! sailor!
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ref qmans post about bowsers!!!!!
When I went on my class one gd crew out of the whole course only three people were allowed by law to drive bowsers. They were 4 signallers as they were the only ones with in date hazmat thingys. A quick ten minute refresher and off we went. oh, and i wonder who had the radio kit? Yes you guessed it, the signallers aswell as driving the bowsers and having the LSWs and digging the shell scrapes (again) :evil:

But you are right on the whole we do generally stand around looking good discussing the intricacies of our trade! You know ionospheric conditions and other topics too hard for a record of achievement for sweeping a HAS. And we are nearly always warm and dry on exercise, an old adage comes to mind, any bowser mong can be uncomfortable!! :lol: :lol:

Anyway it might change now they get an NVQ out of bowser monging. I may be wrong again, but don't you have a hand in that qman!!

Thats why we have signallers to uphold the reputation of the corps!! apart from green tea drinking idiots that don't count!! :lol:
qman said:
All signallers are gay men who can't drive a hefty vehicle like a bowser, quote]

you are forgeting the mighty FV105 or should i say Sultan, the same vehicle that left all bowser mongs in awe, and jealous of the signals mighty tracked power, who had GPMG's? that'll be the mighty signals then

who stank of avtur and piss? that'll be you bowser dude
Well said lod chap!!
Good to see a fellow signaller standing up and being counted!!
Its all in the breeding! what what :lol:
Word of warning for Comd Tp 1 Regt.

Make sure you do your Storm Trooper Training or the Almighty darth ROSSO will make you erect the Death Star for even more visits.

And if you are in Ech you will have to erect the son of Death Star.

The boys used to hate visitors.
Having watched the size of the big top steadily getting bigger and bigger and the needs of the ah getting more and more (whinging two winged master race mainly) should command troop become command sqn!!!!!!!
Yes Command Battalion I like it!! :lol:

But you would have to issue it with a platoons worth of kit though, just to help with kit shortages!!! :lol:

Perhaps we can steal some more land rovers from somewhere!! :lol:
lynxeffectLOL! said:
Perhaps we can steal some more land rovers from somewhere!! :lol:

its not stealing, its redistibution or reallocation :D

amazing what you can get on a DROPS flatrack........ :wink:
It seems I hit a nerve when i said that all signallers were gay......sorry about that gentlemen. Although it has come to my notice that you do have some feminine tendencies, like forever cleaning your vehicles when in barracks. Loading and unloading your trailers with alarming regularity, and finally making sure you clean your radios all the time. One day, gents you will make someone a fine wife. ......Apart from you Tiger fan, your to ugly to marry anyone.

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