Comd 16x To Retire

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Counter-Bluffer-Ops, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. In many ways, so what? I don't know his background, but I presume he's SF. He may've made the calculation that he's not going to be DSF (or job of his choice), and thus wants to leave 'on the up' rather than as a slightly older (and less crunchy) 2*.
  2. The 'so what' is that there is no longer any meaningful progression in the Services; and it is unlikely that anything operationally worthwhile, other than small-scale incursions into fairly benign environments, will take place for the considerable future. Less talented people, therefore, will be able to manage this rather second-rate construct until it becomes more interesting again.
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  3. Chances are he probably would have been DSF, Comd 16X is often the favoured route. Bottom line is a number of 'high profile' 1*s and OF5s have unexpectedly wrapped in the past 6 months. The Sun clearly has good sources mentioning Brig Rufus & Ewan in the article, both resignations came out of left field and a genuine surprise to those that know them.
  4. Yes, and if I were being cynical, and so what? What's so special about this Brigadier, or indeed, the other Brigadiers mentioned, that means we should care? There is plenty of comment on this site about how Senior Officers haven't changed the Army for the better, and whilst I have no doubt he is a smashing bloke and great to work for, how is he materially different? Or would he have been just another CGS talking the same talk as they have for the last 50+ years?

    I may be being harsh, but he's obviously made his decision and gone: if this is the result of Army 2020 or or changing Strategic priorities I really don't this is a surprise....

    If military leaders were serious about retaining talent, they'd collect some numbers on who is leaving and why | The Best Defense

    Military Brain Drain - By David Barno | Foreign Policy

    Army Strong - By Lt. Gen. Frederick

    I'd have been more impressed if he'd stayed and made a bloody big fuss about keeping the Army lean, intellectually curious and proposing a way of stopping 'contingency' meaning 'doing things we're experienced at, and thus don't challenge us'.....
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  5. I'm sure we have more than enough Brigadiers to fill the slot.
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  6. As mentioned in the Sun, 101's Commander is indeed going which is a shame as he was a good bloke from the limited knowledge i had of him.......but if the rumours are true his replacement is totally different and i know him a little better!
  7. Maybe they are following the boarding school allowance trail by joining the massed ranks on gardening leave.

    You can be unemployed and get £70k in benefits and free your kids from university debt by not working. Cant be bad
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  8. The difference is the US takes change seriously and resource it appropriately. We continue to bungle through with the chaps leading the blokes. With the best chaps making it to the top by not overly rocking the boat. Its interesting that in the past year that we have created 2 x new 4* posts...that's defence transformation for you.
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  9. Comd JFC and who else?
  10. Could have been me you know
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  11. Beat me to it, i was looking for official title!
  12. CDP's a 4*? Oh dear lord.....
  13. The inevitable next step in this particular process is Joint Personnel Management, followed by cross-posting of specialists (Canadian stylee/la mode Canadienne) then the much vaunted, not eagerly awaited UK Defence Force. After all, if we are importing their ideas to straighten out the Bank of England, why not the MoD?

    So why is the Comd 16X indispensable? Has he tried the bucket of water test?