Combusting comestibile causes consumer consternation

I don't believe this article.

The munter never intended to share the pie with anyone.
I don’t believe it either. From the article: - “dozens of her friends”. No way!
A ground breaking story of national importance has emerged in the media..war with Iran, trade sanctions , global warming and Brexit just seem to pale into comparison after this story I shamelessly lifted from online.

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Kylie Jarman, 20, from King's Lynn, Norfolk, hit out at Sainsbury's claiming the culinary disaster was caused by the instructions on the packaging not being clear enough. Ms Jarman had planned to share the £1.39 meal with sister-in-law Sarah McKown. She took to Facebook after the incident to complain soon after the incident, ranting: 'Don't buy cottage pie from Sainsbury's as this is what happens when you put it in the microwave for 45 minutes.' Soon afterwards, however, dozens of her friends revealed her mistake to her in the comments.

Gemma Parker wrote: Gemma Parker 'I'm no cooking expert but 45 mins in the oven yes, not the microwave.'

Ashleigh Holder said: 'Not the supermarket fault. It's yours love I've never know a cottage pit to go in a microwave for 45 mins. In a oven yes but not a microwave. U need to use your brain.'

One friend wrote: '45 mins in the microwave, I'm surprised it's not radioactive.'

Another said: 'Four to five minutes more like!'

Kylie later admitted her error : 'The pack had cooking instructions on two sides, one for the microwave and one for the oven, I thought it said 45 minutes in the microwave because it had small writing, I did momentarily think it was a little strange when Sarah tapped in '45' on the microwave but we were so tired and hungry neither of us noticed.'

One day people will ask " where were you when Kylie burnt her low quality cottage pie " ?
So I assume that it’s her on the left, her sister in law on the right, and the pie is in the middle?
On the +ve side, she's a slightly reduced chance of dying from Listeria this week.
Is that really a positive?
Well, someone from the council will be responsible for recovery and rendering-down, so yes, I'd put that down on the plus side of the list.
Get her benefits stopped as she's obviously living in luxury , no doubt she's also splashing out on designer Primark clothing, high end Skoda cars and vintage wines like WKD blue.


I often wonder why stupid people look so stupid.

Well, thats not true, I don't bother thinking about the obvious.
God does not want them to reproduce. They problem is not their lack of intelligence, it is their lack of self awareness.

RIP. It is wiv d’ angles now.
Angles? If she cannot read the instructions on a cottage pie, and have the sense to think that 45 minutes in a microwave seems excessive, how will she deal with Trigonometry?

She should stick to working with pie charts.
A minor aside.
After much research I got a new MW the other month, much research because basically the only thing you need a MW for is to nuke things for a maximum of 5 mins, no stupid 'menu' buttons, no delay timers, no defrost.

Only need an on button and a timer that doesn't go past 5 and I for one, look forward to the forthcoming GE when a nationalised Amstrad factory produces only such models for the workers of Britain to put their names down on a list for to be issued only for use out of office hours so as not to interfere with tractor production.
FO Mr Control Freak. One Baked Potato is 7-10 min


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