Combining the side pouches yoke to a PLCE webbing?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by surefire988, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. I am considering to assemble a new set of PLCE webbing and thinking about using the side pouches day-sacks yoke to replace the standard PLCE webbing yoke, so i can attached the side pouches pair to the webbing to have that extra 20L storage while all the PLCE pouches still around my belt.

    Does any know does the side pouches yoke and the webbing yoke interchangeable?

    the day-sacks yoke:
    the standard PLCE yoke:
  2. Thanks in advice for the advice! :D
  3. Well the quick answer is "no" for one thing there are different straps on the daysac yoke.
  4. Just get a few extra clips (available from shops like HM Supplies) and fix them to the shoulders and base of the standard yoke.

    You will struggle to use the side pouch yoke to attach to a webbing belt as it has no buckle things to hold the straps in place.

    Personally I wouldn't bother. Just use a daysack, it's better than the side pouch.
  5. Or put your one jet pac onto the webbing yoke, the two male and female clips loop through the webbing strap loops at the top of the yoke.
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  6. As polar says, you can attach a side pouch to the standard yoke (use the loop strap at the bottom of the pouch to secure it to the belt) but why not just use both yokes? The. You can actually take your daysacks off when appropriate.
  7. You want to use rocket pouches? Ewwww
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  8. Mmm on the back have two utility pouches, on the the top of these pouches there should be a female clip, you can clip the back of the yoke to these, next on the top of the ammo pouches there also a female clip, you can clip the front yoke to them. Job done but the rocket pouches will bounce about like a mother f@cker.
  9. I'd be pestering the QM for an issue daysack
  10. Here's a really cool concept - latest technology.

    Wear the daysack yoke over the webbing yoke.

    It's ******* revolutionary. Not only does it support every with all the right connections, but you can even take off your daysack without taking off your webbing. How cool is that? Keep it a secret else it might catch on.

    Oh wait, it already did, about 20 years ago.
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  11. We can all bow down to your superior military experience Dinosaur Poo.
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  12. Ask one of your ACF adults to show you how it's done
  13. Who do you think we're going to bloody well ask?
  14. Maybe they've had enough of being fondled!
  15. The best option is to use the side pouch yoke however the design of PLCE allows for the side pouches to be fitted either singularly or together without the side pouch yoke. For two pouches do this:

    1. Zip together both pouches.

    2. Using the two inner sets of buckles at the top of the (zipped) pouches attached to the main yoke by means of the two loops at the top of the yoke at the back.

    3. Use the straps at the bottom of the side pouches to secure to the belt.

    4. Thread the strap near the bottom of the yoke through the loop in the outer lower back position (outer edge) of the side pouch. This strap is then passed through the triangular position of the universal buckle on either the ammo or utility pouch. Secure at the ladder buckle.

    If thats not clear enough - ask a grown up to help!