Combining QARANC and RAMC???

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Flambo, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Remember remember the 27th March, with gunpowder treason and plot.....

    At the time of the festivities to celebrate the glorious history of our corps i thought it might be an apt moment to raise the treasonous question from the darkest pit of my mind - why exactly do we have a Royal Army Medical Corps of related medical specialities but then out on its own a separate Nursing Corps??? Should we not be a combined entity?
  3. I was turfed out of the RAMC in 1992,

    wouldnt that be poetic justice!

    heads down, INCOMING!
  4. Pah - its a nursing corps not a multi disciplinary corps. We won't let any old scum in well apart from me that is :lol:
  5. Bad penny??? :cyclopsani:
  6. you'll see the Army Medical Services cap-badge before you see the Doctors Corps being absorbed by the Handbags
  7. you clearly have not seen some of our officer cadre??
  8. nae, just an old hand - re-alignment of the Corps, with the all nursing nursing corps evolving
  9. Oh I have - but I have also seen what they let into the RAMC!
  10. Fair one, can't argue with that one.
  11. I am serious, look this is my serious face! :twisted:
  12. This is a joke right? Right?

    I look back over the history of my Corps littered with sacrifice, tradition and glory.
    I look back over the history of the QA's - littered with fat women dressed in grey doing their level best to pi55 me off at every opportunity.

    QARAMC? The horror! The horror!
  13. White and blue Radioactive man, white and blue - get with the times! How about we just combine the two and have the RN / HCA trade within the RAMC. Probably the only way to keep any military ethos in the nursing trade!
  14. Simple solution; disband the Grey Mafia, why exactly do they exist? Mr Blair says that the NHS is ok and since we ship all our wounded out to Selly Oak where they are miraculously cured by his benificance the 'PM'?

    No military hospitals and limited military beds surely means no requirement for a nursing service?
  15. Oh FFS get on with it, on corp, one cap badge many different trades+ one medical service. its bleedin obvious. Having also got turfed out to the QA's it was a waste of time, they really needed us but we didnt need them. The writting is on the wall and the sooner its read and dealt with the better.