Combined Services Entertainment, having to pay for?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by armadillo, Dec 20, 2010.

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  1. Just had news that anyone going to the CSE show will have to pay for it. I have never ever paid to see a CSE show, WTF is going on?

    If so this is wrong!

    Can someone shed some light on this please,
  2. pay for that shite? keep yer has been comics and singers, why would anyone in there right mind pay for that crap? suppose they are just like everyone else-out for there selves
  3. Where did this news come from?
  4. Someone in theatre, little bit annoyed and passed it on to me, namely Mrs A brother.

  5. Sounds like he is (or you are) being wound up. The shows in summer are normally (in Bastion) about 100 metres from the NAAFI in a big open square that anyone can walk into.
  6. I think someone may be on the receiving end of a wind up a bit like all the Motorways in Holland being closed due to the weather last week (just as everyone was about to depart for the ports on leave).
  7. It's all part of the allowances cut backs apparently.
  8. Been to a couple of good CSE shows, a couple of not so good ones too.

    I can't see how they can make you pay for it - I can just imagine getting marched down to a show by the SSM and then told you'll have pay for your evening of enforced enjoyment.
  9. The only reason anyone watched that shite was because it was free and there was **** all else to do but get pissed. Would I **** pay to see it.
  10. Got some good news had a PM from someone whom contacted CSE

    Dear **********

    Thanks for your mail.
    I can assure you that troops do NOT have to pay for CSE shows.

    We are not involved in the Katherine Jenkins visit (this is not a CSE show) but
    I have forwarded your mail to the relevant contact at the MoD who I hope will
    respond to you directly.

    With all good wishes

    Nicky Ness
    Director, CSE

    So some good news then, thanks for all the replies chaps
  11. Is Mrs As brother in for a beating for being a liar then?
  12. No he is not, apparently the KJ thing is being held seperate from the CSE show as is stated in the email. He is going to get a beating as still hasnt given my allen key set back that he borrowed.

    Going to get the missus to email him, you understand what the rumour mill is like in theatre, soon nipped it in the bud