Combined Services Combat Sport???

I've recently joined a kickboxing club (Combined Services Combat Sport) that promises a standardised syllabus regardless of posting. I found this hard to believe as this sounds too good to be true. I asked around those who practice martial arts in the army and no-one seems to have heard of this CSCS

The club license has a lovely Tri-Service badge on the front (the only clue that this has got anything to do with the services!) On the inside of the cover is a printed docket that states in small print:

The holder of this licence isindemnified against personal accident and third party liability risk until the expiry date shown above, when participating in activities approved by the Great Britain Martial Arts Association.

While surfing the net for information about the CSCS i found nothing, however when searching for the GBMAA i found this:

The Great Britain Martial Arts Association (GBMAA) is the country’s fastest growing multi-style martial arts association. The Association is recognised globally and has affiliation with The British Forces Combat Sports Association (BFCSA), The Sport Martial Arts Union (SMAU), The World Profi Kickboxing Association (WPKA) and The World Kickboxing Association (WKA).

Does this BFCSA even exist?

Your thoughts please.
I have done a number of mixed martial arts within the Army and have never heard of the Combined Services Combat Sport. It could be quite interesting I suppose. Maybe I will look it up too.
Ask somebody down at the School of PT, :strong: Aldershot.

I do kickboxing for a club in germany, in hameln and i have been looking for something similar to you mate but every route i have gone down has come up with the same answer, don't know try someone else.!!!

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