Combined operations patch?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by petergriffen, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. I was just wondering do any unit's wear this patch nowadays

    I have a photo of some people wearing it in Iraq...just curious, if it's none of my concern, I'll eff off.. :p
  2. 148 Commando Battery wear the Combined Ops flash, now square but used to be round.
  3. Yes they do.

    Now kindly do one please.
  4. Do one what? :?
  5. This one was round...but thanks
  6. It's clearly a Navy thing... The two erect penises at the bottom are a dead giveaway...

    I'd hush and leave it if I were you... They're reaching for their handbags as we speak... :wink:
  7. Fcuk me. Navy and RAF on the 'Army Rumour Service'.

    Have I clicked on the wrong link :?
  8. We have a couple of booties too... You feckers should drop your weapons and stand away from the keyboard... We're taking over... :twisted:
  9. As long as you keep the air bridge kosher more than welcome to stay and input your pearls of sage
  10. [serious mode]

    I haven't served in more than 20 years... But I was Regiment and, as my nick here implies, I was Aircrew too.

    I can assure you that, if the politicians pay for the fuel, the RAF will support the ground troops in any and every way possible. We laugh at/about each other... but those "poofy blue jobs" do everything they can to help the lads on the ground.

    [/serious mode]

    You don't deserve our Sage... But you can have Rosemary, she's grown like a weed in the last few months... 8O

  11. The poofy blue jobs do everything they can to help keep the lads on the ground - especially movers :twisted: :twisted:
  12. You can take that straight to PPrune or E-Goat...

    We both know it doesn't belong here... (funny though.. :twisted: )
  13. There was one such 148 bty fella on here, but left red faced after he was seduced by a native american with one lactating breast. :lol:

    Meiktila man, can't find a link to the thread but it was one of the funniest ever on arrse.

    Edit- found it

  14. [​IMG]

    The above badge is worn by 148, but I am under the impression the square version is for JTFHQ. If it is worn by 148 they are wearing the wrong badge.
  15. JTFHQ still wear it