Combined Operations Badge

One of my older uncles (totally respected 2nd World War ex LRDG) collects militaria and has asked me if I can get hold of a Combined Operations Badge. Never heard of it but searched the forums and it seems it was once worn (maybe still is) by PJHQ. Don't know if it is a flash or one of those stupid things that dangles from the button? Anyone who can point me in the right direction to get him one and I'll sort the payment if required. Also any history behind its design and origin would chuff him to bits.

Edited in that I was a lazy Arrse and found it through Google but used during D Day. He reckons there is a modern one though?

Also anyone know of any trading web sites for militaria as he has a lot of duplicates. He basically collects cap badges, flashes, other badges such as pilot wings, qual badges worn on uniform etc etc etc

Thanks in advance
The combined ops badge was an intertwined red naval anchor, Thompson machine gun and RAF wings on a navy blue background and was worn on the upper arm. Try Nick Hall at Sabre Sales 85-87 Castle Road, Portsmouth, PO5 3AY (Tel: 02392 833394) he's bound to have some in stock.
what was its origin, i thought it had something to do with the "cockle shell heroes". Isnt the SBD insignia a bit like it.
I believe that 148 Cdo FO Bty RA still wear the Combined Ops badge as a TRF on their uniform due to the unique role they fill.

No doubt the Green lidded types or Gunners among us can confirm this?
Not long ago left 30 signals regt for pastures new, the combined ops badge still in use for PJHQ types as far as I am aware
148 Commando Bty still use the combined ops flash and perhaps a missive to the BK of 148 will secure one for a small consideration. [It's now square whereas in my day it was round but still red on blue]
if memory serves me right, it was also used as a recognition symbol on HMS Fearless (aww bless). And currently on OCEAN? ??

It is definitely still in least theres plenty of wall plaques around including one in my office!

might be a PJHQ thing mostly though.

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