Combined Ex Forces right wing group

Anyone had any dealings with this group? They held a series of flash demos around the Manchester area yesterday. They appear to be a splinter group of the EDL ( think People's front of Judea but not as funny). The ex forces element seemed to be 3 scousers in really badly shaped Kingos berets and 2 midgets in a an RTR beret and a Caubeen respectively. Their informed debate about islamification was to repeatedly sing "Mohammed was a Paedo"
Like many I have concerns about some issues of Islam and the failure of multi culturalism, but does anyone think these demos do any good?


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What no pics Kingos and some tube with a caubeen, probably UDA sorted for whizz. (Or whatever the kids are down with these days. . . .man)
I know a few ex LI bods in the Yorkshire area that are openly EDL, I even appeared in one of their videos on youtube till it was taken down. Unless they are still serving I cant see the problem.
Yes, good luck to the right-wing scum attempting to ride the current wave of goodwill that is currently being expressed toward the Service community. Using the "ex-forces" angle to hide the fact that they're an EDL offshoot and therefore attract gullible people to their cause is something I feel we should all be throwing our support behind.

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