Combined Arms Firepower Demo Warminster

Ok had a query from one of the troops about these. I know they used to run 3 times a year and are a jolly weaze to watch especially for us REMFs.
but how the heck do you get an invite/ticket/sneak your mates in through the fire exit.

i.e. how do I get in contact with "the ticket office"

P.M.s fine if its a security/embarassment issue

regards all and have a splendid Bank Holiday and Sovren...Sovriegn.......Sovrins.........Queens Birthday off !


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The answer is quite simple old boy. Just get in touch with SO3 Media at LWC, beg and scrape to him. Ask to go to a rehearsal day rather than the real one. Believe me, I have been part of the Staff and have run 9 of these things. Get on the dress rehearsal the day before the biggie (normally Cadets, families and Sandhurst go). It is quite good fun if you are into seeing stuff being blown up. If you go on a rehearsal day, you won't see the air serials, but then again, they are never guaranteed on the day either!!!!!

If your "REMF" status means that you know the ATO who is running the show or the LAD that services the LWC BG then try and speak to them as well.

Try buttering up the LWC BG itself, i.e. possible trade of favours. This works especially well with A Sqn 1 RTR at the top of the hill.

If you get to go, enjoy it and then for a few pints after. Regards
Thanks Mysteron however tried the D-net directory and the really helpfull MOD directory joy. anyone care to point me to SO3 media at LWC would be most gratefull, The favour I can return is a coach load of seriously I can jack one up on demand

If anybodys unit has anything interesting to fill a day for the "girls" then let me know and I will pick and choose the finest and ship em up to you !

thanks again

edit...disregard most of this post I have found the gentleman in question

SO2 TrgRes at LWC !
mysteron said:
....Try buttering up the LWC BG itself, i.e. possible trade of favours. This works especially well with A Sqn 1 RTR at the top of the hill.....
You can offer to run up their Karchers for them!!


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Coach load of nurses???????

1BW will be very happy to accommodate you I am sure!!!!!!!!
Bids gone in for the 12th/13th October. Very helpfull chap at LWC if your up for it PM me and I will forward contact details
Errmmm...a word of caution if I may.

The 'Firepower Demo' is not a freebie for all and sundry to have a jolly, as there is only one a year. You will need to justify your attendance i.e. you have been away from Fd Army for a while, at NATO/Jt HQ for example and you wish to 'update' yourself.

Kids under 12 are not allowed to attend.

If you can justify attendance, and have an actual need for it, then contact the chap detailed above and get those tickets ordered!

Good luck! :D
Nice one Droney.
Come on lads and lasses a ticket to the prestigious Combined Arms Firepower Demo @ Warminster going to waste, lets use it up.

Footnote ; We applied for four tickets to this venue but one of the people who expressed a wish to go has dropped out. We have not simply applied for tickets so that we can sell them on. Just thought I would clarify that.

Its a one off and a shame to see it go to waste.
I went on the day a few years back with the recruiting officer for the London Schools, was an excellent demo but no aircraft at all as the weather was poor and I was looking forward to that part too :(

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