Combine Commonwealth Forces?

Today I was talking to a mate who has said that recently many armies of Commonwealth nations have very bad equipment, are undermanned and people from said country join the British Army instead as pay is better, go on more operations etc.

So would it be good to combine Commonwealth forces under one 'banner'? I don't mean dissolve the Jamacian military but make it so that all the Commonwealth forces have standardised equipment, pay, HQ etc. So that on Op Telic then you would have Commonwealth deployments. For example in a battlegroup you would have Scots Guards along with 1st Fiji Infantry Regiment.

Of course with some of the bigger Commonwealth countries like Canada or India this might not work but with smaller places like Fiji or Jamaica then it could work well.

Your opinions?
Mazur, thats one of the best ideas that I have seen on ARRSE. Not that that is saying much...
A Commonwealth Peacekeeping force would be united by history and culture. But diverse enough to be tailored to suit the bigotry of the AO.
The idea has been tested and proven during two world wars and a cold war. The wealth of the rich industrial nations would be matched by the cheap manpower, and hardiness, of the poorer nations.
There would be less corruption than the UN, and fewer political divisions.
The english language would be accepted and used.
Bring it on!
Again, learn from history.
We conquered, organised and flogged the colonies until they became self sufficient. Even the Sudan paid it's way after a while.

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