-- tossers or what ?Any info any

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dogs_bollox, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. 3 weeks ago I ordered some kit from Combat Service Support. £102 to be precise. Took my money pretty quick but no kit yet (and the item i ordered was in stock).

    I've sent 5 e-mails - no response. There is no-one answering the telephone and no message recording facility.

    Anyone else know what the craic is ? There's a lot of bollox about being ex-Services etc. I can only hope if he was then it was RAF Regt ! :wink: (sorry Rich!)

    I'd advise everyone to give them a wide berth unless you too want to lose hard earned readies.

  2. read their about us bit, looks a bit unprofessional all in caps and some grammatical error's not that i'm grammar nazi as you can see, but it's supposed to be a professional website shope etc, you would think someone would proof read it,

    how did you pay for it if it was with credit card i'm sure you will be covered etc
  3. Caveat emptor!

  5. I excused his grammar as he said he'd been a corporal :)

    caveat emptor ? Isn't that the same with any vendor ? This one was unknown but as he said ex- Services I thought I'd rather use him than someone not.

    Shiny, thanks for the address. I'll try to get up there soon in person.

  6. Some people will buy anything!

    Four feckin quid! What's wrong with a 30p bar from the naafi?
  7. Sixty

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    They do state that they think 30 days is a reasonable delivery time (!!)

    Maybe leave it for another week?

  8. A simple, prompt response to my first e-mail saying that despite having the item in stock that I can wait 6 weeks for delivery would have been a start.

    Crap customer service is a sure fire way to not get repeat orders and to get a bad rep'.

  9. Without wishing to alarm you this company may be about to be struck off, perhaps for not filing accounts with Companies House. If it is, all assets will be frozen. Detail below.

    4. What happens to the assets of a dissolved company?

    From the date of dissolution, any assets of a dissolved company will be 'bona vacantia'. Bona vacantia literally means “vacant goods” and is the technical name for property that passes to the Crown because it does not have a legal owner. The company’s bank account will be frozen and any credit balance in the account will be passed to the Crown.

    Name & Registered Office:
    LN8 5NT
    Company No. 06821680

    Status: Active - Proposal to Strike off
    Date of Incorporation: 17/02/2009

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC(03)):
    None Supplied

    Accounting Reference Date: 28/02
    Last Accounts Made Up To: (NO ACCOUNTS FILED)
    Next Accounts Due: 17/11/2010
    Last Return Made Up To:
    Next Return Due: 17/03/2010 OVERDUE

    If any company you wish to do business with is relatively unknown always check it out at the following link.
  10. Thanks for that Pom. Trouble with Internet is cnuts ust leave it up and running and there is no obligation to alter or mention they are no longer in business. I don't s'pose as I only paid recently that I'll be seeing my money back? Expensive lesson learned.

    So, to answer my original question, no they are not tossers. They are lying , thieving cnuts who will hopefully die from a protracted and very painfull illness.

    At least I should be able to track the owner down through the lnk you provided....
  11. Deleted as was a duplicate post ! :oops:
  12. DB,

    His name is Graham Walker. If you paid by credit card, or debit card in some cases, you should be able to get your money back. Have a word with your card provider.
  13. If you paid by card tell your bank and after a period of time of none delivery you will get your money back. Not sure of time scale but talk to your bank
  14. 30 days. EU rules (Distance Selling Directive, if you cared, which you quite reasonably don't). At £102 he's into the recomp zone (under UK Law - £100 to £30k IIRC) even if they had delivered. But, for non-delivery, call the card people, renounce the transaction for non-delivery and not contactable. They'll pretend you can't but ask to speak to the fraud team and eventually you'll get put in touch with somebody who doesn't have to follow a tick-sheet.
  15. CSS came up more than once in the good/bad kit suppliers thread and the comments were never good. Shame that thread got trashed it could have saved you some bother. But someone on here made some 'imaginative' posts to big up his own business. Your ears burning yet BI? :twisted:

    A lot of mail order people quote 28 days for delivery and UK law supports that. I would expect any decent kit supplier would have the kit in stock or at least the decency to answer you. wasters.