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With uni approaching, and a loft full of kit, I thought I might try to redistribute the wealth!

I have, for sale:

5 Old school (80 pattern?) smocks (170/96 or 180/104)
1 Wooly Pully (size 100)
7 pairs of Combat 95 trousers (72/84/100, 72/80/96 or 85/84/100)
1 pair 94 pattern trousers (85/80/96)
Lightweight trousers (85/80/96)
3 x plce working belts
1 x plce webbing belt
1 x issue jungle hat (54 head)
1 x "Large Pack" (which isn't, I know, but there ya go...)
1 x DPM plce bergan (with 1 zip buggered, but that could be fixed. Also missing one of the clips to tighten the side straps but okay aside from that. No side pockets, or male clip on the belt)
lots and lots of OG webbing pouches
Some alice Water bottle pouches
1 x 58 pattern sleeping bag.
1 x arctic flask holder

1 x Assualt Vest (not issue, but is pretty good - just too large for me)
1 x Chest rig
1 x Arktis 5 mag pouch chest rig
1 x pair of size 10 matterhorn boots (well used)
1 x pair of Boots, combat, high - size 7. Shiney.
1 x Arktis daysack (the one with the capacity to zip on pockets)

and other odds and sods. I'm beginning to wonder how the hell I managed to get so much kit together! Must be a sad act or something... :twisted:

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