Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by sniper_bob, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Should we obliterate them

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  2. Should we walk away

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  1. We've found a group of 3 islands called "Combat". Basically east is Red Team, west is Blue Team and a fight zone in the middle. Seems to be a group of airsofters running it and the two times I've tried to take a look I've ended up with a sore arse.

    If anyone's interested, take a look at the islands, report back and let me know how much money I need to obliterate the fcuking little techie smeg heads.
  2. Could our "friend" Ed be one of those mongs ? Or is it the Chubb in disguise ???? If only we had Flash handy as he has a superb knack of sniffing it out !!

  3. Sign me up. :threaten:

    Not that I'm trigger happy in any way of course........
  4. fight fight fight
  5. I've been barred from that Island now, so lets quietly pack our bags and walk away shall we.
  6. There's always one isn't there - has to go and spoil it for everyone else :thumleft:

    What you been upto :plotting:
  7. Tried to make off with their SSN, killed instantly and wont let me back. More toys and about 30 of us at the same time should about do it.
  8. I got banned from alot of places for carrying weapons and letting a few loose shots.... FN banned me for using the jihad vest.
  9. I got banned from some Kraut Klub for usin the Jihad vest.