I've been pretty curious about this, has anyone that uses this forum been in live combat? Like a real kill or be killed situation, I've been wondering because I'd like to know how you reacted and felt in a situation where bullets were flying over your head, was it terrifying, exciting? Bit of both?
I suppose everyone would like to say it wouldnt scare them, but what is the reality of it?
is this a wind-up or serious?

I'll bite...T2 and T3 Alamarah with RRW, Light Infantry, and 9th/12th :)- best lads I ever served with)

Very scary, exciting and confusing.
Dddly enough, reasonably quiet...except for RPG's
Massive shakes 'after' the event and alot of laughter/grinning
Best sound in the world? 12 warrior turning up to dig you out...fcking wonderfull!
Nope I'm serious, check my post history and you'll see I've passed RSC and I'm waiting to go to catterick, I'm just curious about something that could happen to me some day, thanks a lot for the reply!
I would have thought that more than half the users of this site have been at the sharp end and most probably a lot more than that. To echo Moving Target, confusing, frightening, noisy (I thought) and afterwards a lot of laughter. Relief at having come away without a scratch. I was also on such a high that I couldn't sleep.

"Nothing is so exhilarating in life as to be shot at with no result" Winston Churchill
fair play to him though...I hadn't done anything in five years ....then got it all in a 'one'er.

The newbies are walking straightinto it...I dont envy them but they'll make fcking good soldiers when I'm dribbling inmy soup at the OAPs lunchclub
Going back to the mid '80s, certainly in my first mob (RSIGNALS), all the crap jobs had 'combat' in the title e.g.

Combat Powerman (sounds dead good) - you fill the genny up and stag on

Combat Signalman (sounds pretty good) - you stag on and stag on. And get brews.

Combat Driver (wow! like driving in combat!) - you drive a lorry.
Answering the question directly: my (very limited) experience was that the real fear comes afterwards because at the time, after the initial pantshitting moment, you're too busy doing the job. Its like, weeks and months later you remember what happened and think 'holy fcuking christ that was close'. Almost like your brain won't let you deal with something that full-on all at one time, and feeds you it bit by bit later on.
I can imagine it being terrifying if you think about whats actually going on! anyone had any experience with anyone just being sh*t scared and unable to do the job?
conure said:
anyone had any experience with anyone just being sh*t scared and unable to do the job?

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