ComBAT v GP3

May I take this opportunity to open a thread about the strengths and more importantly weaknesses of these systems: Please do not go into the bearer system or give details that should not be in the public domain !

A resume of GP3 is:

GP3 is a database: information in the database is viewed and edited using various applications. These applications support spatial displays – overlays, and an ORBAT that holds Unit information. Information about the Overlays or Units in the ORBAT can be accessed using a configurable data viewer that allows selected information to be displayed in a variety of lists or table styles, (these can be configured as R2).

Data is managed in GP3 by defining at the start of an exercise or operation what Overlays are required to be displayed or what track information about the battle space and which Branch or Headquarters’ owns each of these and is ultimately responsible for their update. Many of these Overlays are based on the ORBAT, which is filtered to show selected Units in their currently reported locations using APP6A map symbols.

The Overlays, their content and ownership are listed in the GP3 Product Matrix for the duration of the Exercise or Operation. Overlays can display current information or planned information. This is an important distinction and to avoid any confusion all Overlays showing current information are managed in a specific GP3 area known as the Situation Folder.

Information in the Situation Folder is automatically replicated between GP3 servers, hence the crucial importance of information management. As long as the owning Branch in each Headquarters Keeps their Overlays and ORBATS up to date and likewise the locations, holdings and combat effectiveness information for all Units, a common view of the current situation is supported in each Headquarters with a GP3 server.

The same principals hold true for information about the enemy. An important difference though is that each Headquarters’ is able to maintain its own view of the enemy – using an ORBAT and Overlays. This is maintained in the enemy picture folder.

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