Combat Training Wing?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Dignity, May 2, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know anything about Kevin Pell and his Combat Training Wing?


    He claims to be ex RMR and to hang out with former SAS instructors doing survival camps etc. Combat Training Wing

    Is he genuine or a gobshyte?
  2. Dont know but some of their "top" instructors look like they could loose some poundage!!!!
  3. He seems to be straight up. My daughter went to his dojo at Caston when we lived in Norfolk. Don't know owt about the Combat Training Wing.
  4. I think I looked at their website the other month.

    Dojo and home in a converted farmhouse if it's the same guys.

    Dunno if they are the real "Deal" (pun intended), you hear that many claims these days.

    Well, since the 80's and before...
  5. Have to admit, I'm always dubious of martial artists who claim to have trained with/taught Special Forces. The very few I've met who really are at that level rarely talk about it and never go into detail.

    Having said that, it's entirely possible this guy is on the level.
  6. If he's on the level, would ye give him a square go?? :D :D
  7. Not in front of the Knowless Men, Brother. :wink:
  8. They look like a bunch of 1970s 'World of Sport' wrestlers.

    I was half expecting to see Big Daddy on their list.
  9. Knock kevin pell et al if ye wish..

    But how dare you defame the World of Sport wrestlers!!!

    Kent Walton will be turning in his grave!! (he is deed I take it.... :oops: )
  10. The C.P course certificate is shown on the website, it is clearly marked in big red letters at the top of the certificate as "RONIN". Many will know that Ronin Concepts, known throughout the C.P world as "RONIN", are a top level C.P training provider based here in Hereford. The obvious suggesion is that this firm are issuing certificates that the holders could pass off as "RONIN" qualifications. His firm are not SIA regsitered and his course is not SIA accredited. After three whole days, I'd argue that any C.P and Hostage Rescue course qualifications would be barely worth the paper it's printed on.
  11. Oh, fuck me. Does that mean we have to go through yet another gzillion 'Shortt' type threads with the usual nutter suspects adding to it?? Yeah, really what Arrse needs..... :roll:
  12. I hope not, I'm still in therapy....
  13. Big Kev and me were on The Balcony.
  14. The need for the "Pitchfork Forum" increases again Flash! :D
  15. They look like members of мафия to me.