Combat/Tactical Stretcher

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jerrycan2793, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. Im looking for a Tactical Style Stretcher see some of the medics with them. I need one which is light and folds up pretty small so that in can be carried on long expeds.

    Talon II is looking ideal though a little pricey, anyone used one who can comment on the quality of them?
  2. Basha sheet. That's what those handles on the sides are for.
  3. Ideal for an emergency extraction if nothing else substitutes, However, Not very good if you have a neck or Spine Injury. Thanks for the Input though.

    A Stretcher with some rigidity is needed.
  4. Are you referring to the green tactical stretcher? Dont have the part no. handy but I do have a couple
  5. There in now a talon 3 which is a bit lighter and more pricey but there is another option in a bit of kit called a team 8 litter which is like the stuff used by moutain rescue but smaller and lighter, i think both are available through prometheus medical or narp (you will have to google them).

    The only person who would ever suggest using a poncho is someone who has never had to casevac someone it is tottaly useless unless you have loads of blokes to use and is ballbagging you would probably end up doing more damage to the casualty. You can now get talon 2 through the mob it has an NSN and all that.

  6. Its for a Civvy Organisation, Thankfully Im not paying I cant afford the rent let alone a Talon Stretcher lol. We did a casevac using a basha in catterick a few years back and it was knackering.

    The Talon looks ideal as it looks light enough to carry with an exped kit. However looks can be deceiving and I just wandered if anyone had used it previously
  7. For Prometheus Medical

    T3™ Lightweight Assault Litter

    Also look at:

    Talon II Folding Combat Stretcher - Model 81C - NSN: 6530-01-452-1651

    List Price £495.00 - £581.63 inc VAT


    Talon II Folding Combat Stretcher - Model 90C - NSN: 6530-01-504-9051

    List Price £495.00 - £581.63 inc VAT

    OR half the weight of a 81C but almost twice the cost

    T3™ Lightweight Assault Litter / Stretcher

    List Price £851.00 - £999.93 inc VAT
  8. Done it before, and yes it's a pain but we did manage to get him down to the ambulance and off to hospital to get his ankle put in plaster.

    If you've got a casualty with a spinal or neck injury you'd need a collar and a spinal board as well as a stretcher, plus a few trained people to get the casualty onto it. Getting into wait-for-the-ambulance territory here if you're a civvy organisation.
  9. The charity works on a similar basis so St Johns but on mountains.
  10. Save the money, donate it to Mountain Rescue and call them out when you have a spinal injury :)


    Obviously I'm assuming its UK based ;)
  11. St JOHN dear boy, St John..not Johns ;)

    Have you tried asking the St John Mountain Rescue what they use? It most certainly in not a "combat stretcher" If someone has neck or spinal injutries and they are on a mountain then the Talons would be next to useless.

    My local one uses a Macinnes stretcher..think its the Mark 7..which is very ridged and you can strap a casulty into it and lift vertically if need be. whats more, it is one of the few "winch ready" stretchers you can get.

    The other option is a Stokes basket..these now come with a vacuum bag to literly wedge the patient in place. It has a back board and collar available that all slot into place.
  12. But they work very well in Afghan

  13. I saw a sort of canvas stretcher last weekend that was shown to us by a bloke in 144 para med sqn that looks like it is based on the idea of using a poncho. Looked more like a bivvy bag to be honest and you clip the casualty into it using webbing staps then you can either carry it using side handles similar to a poncho (if there are enough of you) or drag it using a long webbing loop strap (handy if you're alone, or two of you with a heavy casualty and you've got a lot of kit on.)

    There was also a roll up stretcher aswell that was pretty rigid.
  14. Was it one of these?
  15. The spinal injury was a bad example. where just looking for a semi decent man portable stretcher