Combat & Survival Mag - Marshall & Cavendish Original

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by brownz, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. So, on clearing out the attic last week I come across a box from many years ago.
    Inside are 99 issues of "A Marshall & Cavendish Military Manual In Weekly Parts".
    Combat and Survival Magazine from 1989.
    All issues are there from 1 to 100 bar 98, I have no idea where number 98 went !
    Are they worth anything to anyone - should I ebay them ?
    They are pretty much immaculate.
    Am open to offers - but I won't post (fekin evvy innit!)- buyer collects from Grove 12m South of Oxford.
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  2. Do all the pages open easily?
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  3. I can talk - I've got the full set somewhere apart from one or two issues that the newsagent is "still chasing up".
  4. Ahh..... these are a totally different beast to the publication above.

    These were a weekly issue building up to a comprehensive 100 issue Field Manual.

    Its a superb reference covering all aspects of training, equipment, fieldcraft etc etc

    I'll do a bit of digging to find out some more info.

    Cheerz Anyway.
  5. I amlooking for 3 issues to complete my set. Wuld you consider letting issues 97 and 99 go seperately?
  6. how much for 97-98 and 99? i see a selling opportunity here. ive got a complete set and will break up if people want!! not for numpty money of course!!
  7. I started collecting these in about '86 ISTR they were about a pound each then. No idea what happened to my collection, maybe in an attic somewhere
  8. I need 97, 98 and 99. Now remember that I am in New Zealand where our money is worth bugger all. Any UK price you put on these I have to triple it to get NZ dollar equivalent. So name a price and let's see if it is affordable for us poor colonials.
  9. About £100 mate.
  10. EBay will tell you. Single magazines are going for About £3, each. I'd buy them if they were on eBay. I am too far from you though or I would buy them now lol.
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  11. Eleven years to reply.


    There is a photo of me in the FIBUA one, which will annoy some insignificunts.
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  12. @Peter waterman will reply sometime in 2028
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  13. You stupid cuñt
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  14. Take it people don't reply as fast!! PMSL.

    Which issue?