Combat & Survival Mag - Marshall & Cavendish Original

So, on clearing out the attic last week I come across a box from many years ago.
Inside are 99 issues of "A Marshall & Cavendish Military Manual In Weekly Parts".
Combat and Survival Magazine from 1989.
All issues are there from 1 to 100 bar 98, I have no idea where number 98 went !
Are they worth anything to anyone - should I ebay them ?
They are pretty much immaculate.
Am open to offers - but I won't post (fekin evvy innit!)- buyer collects from Grove 12m South of Oxford.
I can talk - I've got the full set somewhere apart from one or two issues that the newsagent is "still chasing up".
Chaz said:
On you can see what they are going for:

You can contact the booksellers for a possible sale (they do buy stock as well as sale)
Ahh..... these are a totally different beast to the publication above.

These were a weekly issue building up to a comprehensive 100 issue Field Manual.

Its a superb reference covering all aspects of training, equipment, fieldcraft etc etc

I'll do a bit of digging to find out some more info.

Cheerz Anyway.
how much for 97-98 and 99? i see a selling opportunity here. ive got a complete set and will break up if people want!! not for numpty money of course!!
I started collecting these in about '86 ISTR they were about a pound each then. No idea what happened to my collection, maybe in an attic somewhere
I need 97, 98 and 99. Now remember that I am in New Zealand where our money is worth bugger all. Any UK price you put on these I have to triple it to get NZ dollar equivalent. So name a price and let's see if it is affordable for us poor colonials.
EBay will tell you. Single magazines are going for About £3, each. I'd buy them if they were on eBay. I am too far from you though or I would buy them now lol.

You stupid cuñt
As this thread has come out of hibernation I have a set of books I'm getting rid of if anyone is interested.

It's the Marshall Cavendish set, Falklands: the Aftermath and Forces '85 -'89, a total of 6 altogether.

To go to a good home, all in good condition, no torn out/sticky pages or teeth marks.
You cover the postage cost & they're yours.
PM me if interested
Binned well over a 100 combat & survival mags t'other day at the local tip. Decided to get rid of the last vestiges of my collection that was in the garage still in mfo boxes. Been in there between 15 & 23yrs.

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