Combat Stress

Please excuse if this has already been discussed on here, however, given what Combat Stress are saying now, the need is becoming greater to know what help and where you can access it.

For those ex servicemen and women who leave the services, there could be a time when your behaviour could change, this could involve alcohol abuse, class A drug abuse, as well as turning on your family because THEY don't understand, or know what to do to help you.

Firstly YOU have to admit YOU have a problem and that is earier than many think. Once you have and this has to be with your nearest and dearest with you as you try and move forward to address the medical issues.

I am not saying that all those who have seen the horror of war will feel like this, but for those who do, it is as disabilitating as any physical injury.

You believe your GP will help and the services out there are geared up to accept and understand your needs as you present with them. This must also include your family, as in many cases families are not able to cope with those who have for what ever the reason changed.

At the present you have ONE point of contact "Combat Stress" a charity who specalise in the care of those with such as PTSD in the military.

Why are SO many families breaking down both before the serviceman return and on his / her return to the family. Because they have changed and while the Mod is in denial over this very issue and the NHS does not have in place the right care in the community, then many will suffer when they should not.

I am not saying this is a new concept, as according to the figures from the Indipendant newspaper some 300 serviceman have committed suicide since the Falklands, with many more sleeping rough on the streets of towns and cities up and down the UK. As well as those who have ended up in prison because there are no mental health units able to cope!

Tyrwhitt House, Oaklawn Road
Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0BX
Telephone Number: 01372 841600

You can now SELF refer

Reserves Mental Health Programme
If you are a member of the TA Reserves Forces and think that you may have a mental health problem and need help, please contact this organisation either through the website link or by telephoning 08000 326258

I know, as in 1992, I left the Army RE with a chronic back problem, this then got complicated to the point where my mental defencies came down, the brick wall we all build up in training and throughout our service career, my ex decided to do her own thing, the kids found it hard to talk to me and to top it all it took 5 hard years and a court case to make the Mod liable and therefore I finally got a War Pension, but by then I did not have a family. So yes I know, although to be honest she did me a favour, I now have a very special lady in my life.

If you have any questions, you now have the contact details, please if you feel you may need help from such as Combat Stress, give them a call or email them.
Hi I wonder if anyone would help me
Am currently in the process of joing the army. Am just waiting for my medical and crb to come back. The issue is when I was 11 my mum died with cancer I watch her die. It was very hard. At the age of 14 -15 I was suffering with being sad and depression I am now 18. I wasn't prescribed with anything I only went to counselling for 4 months as I was grieving for my mum. And wanted to be with her. I am fully fit and fine I am a runner I run for gb I have been fine passed selection with an A grade I wasn't on any tablets only counselling and I was wondering if any of you will help me will they reject me?

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