Combat Stress

Can't find anything about this lost but...

Combat Stress aka Ex-Serviceman's Mental Health Society is in place to help those of us who have mental health issues from our time in service.

It is very good (hey I'm biased, I use 'em) and is always seeking extra cash. There is so much demand on their help people who need help are close to being turned away after assessment. Their focus is becoming more and more toward PTSD.

So I'm asking those still in and fit enough and in the unlikely case of having some time to do something for charity to bear Combat Stress in mind.

You might even have seem the forever growing group of us who attend the Cenotaph each Remembrance Day

Thanks. You never know quite when you might need a help like this.
They are covered in the "Charities and Welfare" forum - several arrsers (led by Goatman) have assisted in raising money for them at various times
Aren't the journos who stole quotes from Arrsers going to cough up some donations?

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