Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Bucketbanger, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Following on from reports of VC Hero and PTSD victim Johnson Beharry's recent suicide attempt, the Sun's Defence Editor, DUNCAN LARCOMBE, has launched a campaign to bring greater public awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental health issues besetting forces veterans as well as serving personnel as a result of their military service.

    His campaign began with a series of interviews published in The Sun with Combat Stress clients who have volunteered to discuss the effects of their condition on themselves and every facet of their lives and particularly their treatment by the government at whose command they served with distinction.

    The first interview, with ex-Kingsman Michael Fong, a 15-year veteran of six tours in Northern Ireland and three in Iraq, appeared in Tuesday, 18th May 2010, issue of The Sun and Larcombe has promised to champion the campaign to ensure victims received the level of care, support, and financial compensation the current government will be expected to deliver and to highlight the previous government's apparent neglect and parsimonious treatment in the past.

    Larcombe is looking for further interviewees from other sources if anyone has a story to tell.

    The first article can be found via the following link:
  2. Thank you very much Bucketbanger for posting this.

    It is an absolute disgrace that this guy was only awarded £9K Compensation for a life changing illness. If he had of been injured at work by a Fork Lift Accident in a Yard he would of got £250K.

    I think that more folk should come forward and shame the MoD into really looking after our own.

    Organisations like Combat Stress really do save lives and pick up the pieces where the MoD have forgotten about prior service, risks & exposure.

    I hope that Micheal Fong & others like him do find peace, healing and are cared for.
  3. The sad fact of history tells us that our soldiers have always been given the rotten end of the deal when post problems occur.
    If the Sun's Defence Editor, DUNCAN LARCOMBE recons he can change this culture all by himself (no matter how good his intentions are) he is dreaming.
    For example, Combat Stress mental welfare society alone have been highlighting and dealing with these victims since 1919! .... Need i say anymore?
  4. I don't think that Duncan thinks he can change the 'culture' all by himself. I think he is trying to do what alot of people, myself included, are trying to do - bring awareness of PTSD to the masses. This is the only way PTSD sufferers will get the treatment, etc they require.
  5. its good that you and others are trying to raise awareness of PTSD kev
    but its people's attitudes that need to change
    while i was serving anyone who complained or showed signs of stress ,depression etc were seen as a weak link.
    so not many came forward and admitted they were having problems

    its well known that the average time for problems to come to a head is fourteen years later
    i have been a client of combat stress for a few years and regardless of regiment it hits some people sooner or later
    if you read some posts on here reference PTSD type threads they are ridiculed for admitting they have problems
    so im not suprised ! its a long hard slog to get the word across!!
    what piisses me off is the fact a VC holder has to try and top himself to get the subject noticed!!