COMBAT STRESS T-SHIRTS- Auction.........

Raising a wee bit of cash for Combat Stress I have 5 of their shirts to sell off......

1 Small
1 Medium
2 Large
1 Extra Large

Make me an offer......

This is a timed auction and come Tuesday I'll be taking the best offers on the boards......

So Ladies and Gents..... Any takers?

Beebs x
the_matelot said:
no you're not but those pizzas don't buy themselves you know :lol:
Was that a bid Matelot? Are you talking money to show the people at Combat Stress that you care now?

Bid, do it, the people they care for need it and you know THEY are worth it.

Beebs :)
Stick me down for £20 on the large, Beebs.

Is the T-shirt edible, coz that'd be a real help as you've had my week's beer money :D
I am shamelessly punting this to the front page.

These shirts are plain, this cause is fuffing phenomenal.

Any one want to out bid a fellow ARRSE'r just to get on their nerves a little?

Beebs x

PS Chalky, done, if you win you get the MM.

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