Combat Stress - Street Collection in Andover


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Re-posted from Charities and Welfare due to the fairly underwhelming response. If you happen to find yourself in Andover Town Centre this weekend do hunt us down and swap a couple of coins for a highly collectable and limited issue Combat Stress sticker

Well, the KGB rezident didn't bite but then I didn't really expect him too.....however I guess Nutstrangler, LWM and Murielson are on their hols.......

Still looking for a few good people to shake a tin for a brief period on Saturday....if you have an hour to spare, please PM me and I'll put you in touch with the organiser:

And remember,

> What should you do if your girlfriend starts smoking ?



> Slow down and try some lubrication

<< Rompez, les aviateurs ! >>

Le Chevre 8)

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