Combat stress research - help needed

I'm doing my final year War Studies dissertation on combat stress after 2003, and I'd be extremely glad of some help. I have a questionnaire covering various stressors encountered on and post-deployment. The paper will not be published, and will be viewed only by myself, my tutor and the external examiner. Persec (and Opsec) will be maintained throughout - using PM's and no names. No screen names or avatars will be used in the data - responses will be assigned a number, and all returns carrying a screen-name, electronic or pyhsical, will be destroyed. All responses will be treated in thorough confidence. No unit names or deployment information is required.

I've been on the site for a while, and am not a journo - I'll PM you credentials if required.

One important point though - I would like replies from only those who 1) have been on operational deployment and 2) have no doubt whatsoever that they are not suffering from combat-related psychological injuries. I am not a trained psychologist, and even if I was, I would still consider it morally reprehensible to exploit someone's wounds for purely academic research. There are no questions regarding symptoms or the experience of combat stress. All concern likely stressors, morale, and current provisions for the prevention of combat stress.

In return for your answers, later in the year I'll be doing a charity event with the proceeds split between RBL and Combat Stress - At this stage I'm planning a sponsored 1/4 mile pulling my 110...

If you've stuck with me this far, please PM me if you'd be prepared to answer the questionnaire, or with any suggestions (not involving the words 'anus' 'stuff' 'questionnaire' 'yours' or 'up' please...)

Many thanks - and it will be for a good cause!


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