Combat Stress - London Marathon

Dear All

I appreciate this is cheeky, but I am passionate and committed to raise as much money as possible for The Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society, Combat Stress charity.

I will be running (walking/jogging) the London Marathon this year (26th April).

I would appreciate any support/donations fellow 'ARRSE' members could provide. If you could spare even just a few pounds it would make a difference and also ensure I get my tired, old and knackered body around the course.

I have set-up a 'Just Giving' page:

Your support is appreciated.

Thank you, Jeremy
bump for you (and for me!!!)

ps that'll be 2 old knackers in Combat Stress t shirts then :lol:
To all ARRSE members - I would be very greatful if you could spare a few pounds to sponsor me on the London Marathon.

Really appreciate all money I can raise for Combat Stress

Thank you


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