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Hi. Hopefully this post is allowed on this page. I appreciate that for some it may also be a delicate matter but it is one I'm passionate about as for one I'm from a military family and live with PTSD, Depression and Anxiety tooI but I must stress not through serving my country as you guys have done or still do. Combat Stress is a Charity close to my heart and first came to my attention through one simple conversation with an ex Royal Anglian Nigel (Spunky) Seaman over coffee during which he shared with me his story and how going through Combat Stress they saved his life. That stuck firm.

I'm once again doing a Combat Stress Charity Challenge, this time in June 2022. It's called Race To The Tower and is a Double Marathon starting off in Stroud and finishing at Broadway Tower, hence the event name. Participants can either race/run/walk the full distance in one day or cover the distance over two days which is what I plan to do. As usual to make this Challenge even harder and to tie in with Combat Stress being a military based Veterans Mental Health Charity i plan to complete RTTT whilst carrying an Army Bergen weighing between 15-25kg as per the Army's Annual Fitness Tests. The exact weight will be decided nearer the time as it depends a lot on how my body stands up to the stresses and strains of training etc but the aim is for 25kg which is the weight Elite Infantry Units are expected to carry during Annual Fitness Testing. I will be Tabbing (Tactical Advance to Battle) which is a combination of fast walking and running. RTTT is the most difficult of the Threshold Event Series due to the total elevation of 7500ft climbed. I'm beginning training for this Challenge and I know once again that this is going to be very demanding both physically and mentally but I know that with your support I will achieve this and raise even more funds for this fantastic Veterans Mental Health Charity. I fully appreciate that we are currently in financially uncertain times and that for some donating to a charity just may not be possible and thats totally fine but if you can make a donation then please give whatever you feel able, no matter how big or small that money will make a big difference to somebody who is currently struggling with their Mental Health. We have seen a massive increase in to calls into the Combat Stress Helpline since the recent events in Afghanistan plus we are entering into a particular time of the year which is exceptionally tough for Veterans especially those with PTSD what with Fireworks Night (which now seems to last a couple of weeks) and of course Remembrance Day in a few days time. Please help make a difference!!


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