Combat Stress and the Jungfrau Marathon

I know the area quite well. The Bernese Oberland is a wonderful locale. It's only drawback is the Japanese Tourists (in Summer).

As Marathons go this is one of the toughies, with a vertical climb of approx 1½ kilometres, almost all of it in the second half.

See altitude profile:
Donation made!
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That Mr Darcy goes on a bit doesn't he!


Many Thanks to all!

You're not wrong.
I like this little ditty....

I'm off to Switzerland, my cover story is I'll be running up the Jungfrau Mountain to raise money for Combat Stress. Amazing the lengths a man will go to to get away from balls, chains, work and such for a few weeks in a year. :)

I mean WHO in their right mind would be tempted to run their late 40' year old body up a bloody mountain???

Here's the write up, and what it translates to....

What would the Jungfrau Marathon be without the Jungfrau? (er, a flat run?) You, the Jungfrau and the most famous panorama in the Alps have made this event a marathon of superlatives, a cult race, the alpine equivalent of the New York event. (oh like the New York event for the totally insane, I see.....) You run in full view of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau completing no ordinary marathon but a panoramic version. (Yeah cos we're all jogging along sighing and saying, 'Oh look at that view!' While we merrily breath out of our ARRSE's!) Along the way the scenery keeps changing. (Ah! I see, it is actually changing and the oxygen deprivation isn't causing me to hallucinate!) The emerald Lake Brienz contrasts with the icy giants of the Bernese Oberland, (Icy? You mean it'll be bloody cold as well? FFS! Who’s idea was this? Am I insured for a 6 figurre sum and the witch didn’t mention it!!!), the sheer rock faces in the Lauterbrunnen Valley with the bubbling waters of the Lütschine, the gnarled stone pines below the Wengernalp with the eternal ice of the majestic Silberhorn. (Aye, all this and the light at the end of the tunnel with thebetterhalf gently whispering ‘Go! Go! Go towards the light!’ JHC! Is it to late to go to Benidorm?)

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. Now, please dig deep and sponsor me online.

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to sponsor me: COMBAT STRESS will receive your money faster and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Many thanks for your support.

Donate Here.

Beebs x
Donated, and BUMP!
thebetterhalf said:
Dale the snail said:
Donated, and BUMP!
Many Thanks Dale, I'll tell him you have a fiver on him each way ;)

Every penny you give is a penny Combat Stress can do good with.
For anyone donating £10 or more I'll send you not ONE but TWO packets of...................


....keep it clean.

SPUNK is a tasty (blurgh) Danish sweet.

Just cough up the readies, then drop me a PM.

Beebs x
I'm bowled over by your generosity, a day gone and one fifth of the way to the target for Combat Stress. Amazing!

A link was posted on another site and unbelievably the response was they would have given money if he wasn't running in an area of such outstanding beauty. :)

It seems Combat Stress don't need funds if the person trying to raise it is enjoying the scenery.... :roll: Go figure, then get back to me with the answer....

Again thank you, and don't forget to PM for the SPUNK offer!

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