Combat Stress and Hollybush House

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by buttonsin3s, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi there all guys and girlies. I've just returned from a week at Hollybush House, another tough, but good week.

    Just as a heads up, there was some filmimg being doing on behalf of BBC Scotland, showing the work of combat stress. This is due to be screened on the Wednesday prior to 11/11. It will only be broadcast on BBC2 Scotland, but will be available on the BBC i-player thereafter.

    They are filming and recording a member of The Parachute Regiment who has since been discharged since Afghan.

    There was a great deal of discussion and debate among vetrans regarding wheather the cameras should be included in daily classes/lessons/debates. We decided to let them in. I hope that it all comes over well, but i hope, more than anything, that Combat Stress get the message over.

    To be honest, i struggled ( i am not afraid to hide behind an e-mail addy) but we got our message accross (i hope).

    No doubt, come November i shall have forgotten about it, so keep your eyes peeled ARRSE(ers).

    And please support CS.
  2. A big thumbs up to you and all who were there - it's by allowing the media access that the message will be got out to the general public. My best wishes to you all as you face and hopefully conquer your demons.

    Please remember to give this thread a bounce nearer the time of the programme transmission.
  3. I was the guy with the BBC Radio last wednesday, the girly reporter was very shocked at the way the Para broke down in front of her. She really had her eyes opened & did several good reports.
  4. There have been countless media teams visit all 3 Combat Stress units over the years, and they have scrutinized the place from A to Z to exhaustible levels. My concern is that the media are now treating this very respected place in the veteran world as some sort of "drop in zoo". If society does not have a understanding about how Combat Stress works by now, it never will.
  5. I will be having a week at Combat Stress at the end of the month. I haven't a clue how the place works, nor what I am letting myself in for. In fact I haven't been as fearful since I was a squaddie.
  6. Hi Acornminiminor, You have nothing to fear my friend, take it from me, you will enjoy it. Very theraputic, and some of the finest guys you will ever meet!! I have sent you a P.M mate. (private message) Take care.
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  8. Considerable concern from the guys when the programme was shown. Gave a very dodgy view of Hollybush and what goes on here. The director clearly had his/her own agenda and it certainly didn't do any of us any favours. Hope it doesn't put anyone off. Couple of the guys shown in the background in the group onscreen are adamant they explicitly had NOT given permission for them to be identified and their instructions were ignored. I don't think we've heard the last of this one.

  9. When was it shown??

    with link if poss?

  10. Can't remember exact date or channel but it was shown in the first week or so of September this year. I'll try and find more accurate details and publish them on here if I get them.