Combat stress - American view

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jun 19, 2005.

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  2. A question arises in my mind.
    The German army of both 14-18 and 39-45, was very heavily engaged on muli fronts.
    Elite units 'Seemed' to have spent a disproponate time engade in combat operations.
    From El Alelamin on the German army fought in an arena of Air inferiority.
    They must have had unbeilvable problems with combat stress, how did they cope ?
    Have their lessons been learned ?
  3. I know that the German military in WW2 issued generous liqour (Schnapps) rations to the men. Also stuff like Pervitin (Methamphetamine, speed) was widely issued to the troops.

  4. They also encouraged the men to use hookers.

    But then again, the severe cases they called "cowards" and put them up against a wall.
  5. For a very thorough analysis of the subject Ben Shepherd has written an excellent book "A War of Nerves: Soldiers and Psychiatrists 1914 - 1994" It also deals with the various issues raised above. As a non-medic I found it very compelling.
  6. In WW2 yes, but in WW1, the number of German soldiers being executed as cowards or deserters was much lower (AFAIK less than 50) than the numbers executed by the British and French Forces (in both cases several hundreds).

  7. Schnappas, drugs, Hookers Where do I sign on.
    No I do agree that sum of the above would help but I do beleive that there must be a more deep underlining reason as to why Fritz fought on. Disipline was always said to have been strong, going back to Iron Fritz sewing 'missing' buttons on troops skin.
    I can't remember reading of mutinies following big defeats. I do seem to have heard that in 'combat' situation officers of General rank could order immediate on the spot execution, Bayerlerin in the Desert Fox ?