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This daft bint is running this year’s London Marathon for Combat Stress :omg: – an incredibly worthy cause I’m sure you’ll agree – and so I’m on the scrounge for support, preferably of the financial type but advice/inspirational/motivational support wouldn’t go amiss either. My aim is to not only raise urgently needed resources for Combat Stress but also awareness of their existence and the invaluable assistance they provide.

Having spent my years preferring the 4-legged type of sport discovering my own two pins and their ability has been an interesting journey. I’m really enjoying the discipline of training, though and the resulting performance increase. Not afraid of hard work and always one to relish a challenge you can be assured of my absolute commitment to both the event and Combat Stress.

Running the world's most famous race is a first (and probably last!) for me and is a huge honour, a once-in-a-lifetime event so please, PLEASE help me make every step worthwhile, for those who selflessly put their lives on the line every day and sadly all too often suffer the awful consequences.

To those who’ve already pledged, thank you. To those who haven’t, cough up, to those thinking about it, just do it. Please.

Anyone preferring not to use the webpage, but wanting to contribute via cheque/cash/IOU then PM me. I'm open to corporate sponsorship also - I've 'sold' one butt cheek already and am actively seeking logos for the other!


(and to those who sponsored me last autumn as I trekked coast to coast along Hadrian’s Wall on my tod may I trespass on your goodwill once more, and, whilst I can’t promise not to get myself into anymore madcap antics I do promise not to involve begging for sponsorship….. for a while at least :cyclopsani: )

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The flurry of ARRSE yapping from all you Friday afternoon slackers (of which I freely admit to being one too :oops: ) saw my thread disappear off the bottom of the main index page at the rate of about Mach 6 so am unashamedly bumping this.

Bless you Maj. C!
Bump - can I recommend whoever's in to keep bumping this up?



Good Luck Dolly :thumright:


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Mad bat.
Bugger! Wasted a bump.


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<< here's a new dance that we all can do .......called the BUMP, do the BUMP!!>>

ah, the cheesy disco hits of my long distant yoof.... .dolly, I'm dead jealous.....

you....Are.....Going to.....Have...A....BLAST !!

All you London ARRSERS - mark April 22 in your diaries...please be by the roadside with a big white sheet saying


as Polar will vouch, it can be damn lonely going past all the organised cheer parties for big charities like PHAB, The Tear Fund , Whizz Kidz and GOSH if yer running for a bunch that nobody seems to have heard of....

All the best .dolly, I hope to speak to Rosie Gee on Tuesday and will see what progress there is.

Good luck to ALL the people runnning in this year's FLM - especially the 7 Golden Bond holders from Combat Stress.

I've gone to the Justgiving page and whacked down a modest clump of wedge...GET IN THERE guys and gals!

' I love the taste of Isostar at 20 tastes like.....VICTORY ! '

Le Chevre



london crawl is April 21st so won't just be london arrsers cheering Dolly on........


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Appreciate the sponsorship and thread bumping chaps and chapesses :thumright:

The immortal words of Captain Blackadder "Operation Certain Death" are possibly quite apt, although you can be sure I'm of the disposition that I won't allow myself that luxury until AFTER the finish line. A flag waving ARRSE contingent would be most welcome (I was going to say I would be 'touched' by an ARRSE contingent but thankfully realised the error in time!) as would a sedan chair at around mile 20.
Donated and bumped.


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A heartfelt vow of appreciation to all of you supporting my CS mission, you're all bona fide superstars :blowkiss:

slopsjon said:
I've chucked a few beer tokens in.. I will miss them
slopsjon - just think how much clearer your head AND bladder will be after 20 pints of water instead!


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Well done you!



20 bottles of Highland Spring water @ £1.10 = £22.00 divide by £3.10 = 7 pints of Guiness down my local, wow I just saved me self some beer tokens cheers. :thumright:


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