COMBAT STRESS - a plea (Pt II)

A sucker for a spot masochism in the name of a good cause this daft bint has committed herself to three races this year for charity. :OMG: So, once more I extend my sticky mitts in the direction of all you kind-hearted ARRSErs in the name of Combat Stress and more specifically those who rely so heavily on them.

My cockles are still warm after the last year’s resounding success thanks in large part to the generosity of the ARRSE collective, but, not being one to rest on my laurels the goal is that with your help we can keep the support going for this crucial charitable facility.

No full marathon this time, rather I’ve committed to a half marathon occurring this weekend, followed by the London 10k in July (with the ARRSE team) and the Great South Run in October. Historically preferring wrapping my pins around magnificent half-tonne beasts [oi, thats horses you perverts!] to thrashing them around the roads I've been as surprised as those around me at my dedication to running over the past couple of years. I'm not sure I could have maintained motivation without everyone's support in my desire to assist this important charity.

Combat Stress is one of the few avenues providing a literal life-line to wounded ex-service personnel. It is also, I feel, an organisation treating a condition that is often woefully misunderstood. I won’t insult you by preaching to the converted, most of you have a far greater understanding of the debilitating mental injury that is PTSD than many, suffice to say bringing to prominence this all too real battle damage as well as the resources to be able to effectively tackle it is essential.

Of the wonderfully benevolent things occurring on ARRSE at the moment please, please consider hurling a beer token or two in the direction of this short-arrse, beasting herself along a road near you, instead of down the khazi as second-hand beer, up in carcinogenic smoke or on pox-ridden whores.


Thank you.

PS. As before, should anyone prefer not to use the justgiving facility then PM me for cheque/cash/IOU pledges.
Donation inbound !

Great cause, good effort......... again


Book Reviewer
< BUMP >

good effort on the Half Marathon young .dolly....1 race down and two to go !


" Can't means WON'T and WON'T means jail "!

Keep on truckin' that small person :-D

One down, two to go.

Muchos gracias indeed for sponsorship received so far :blowkiss:

The dismal forecast for today's half marathon was preceded by a howling gale and lashing rain which whilst made Goatman and I titter like girls didn't dent our determination. Fortunately the met. office were on usual from and had got it wrong: the rain stopped and wind slowed as we stood on the start line with 2000 other lunatics.

13.1 harder-than-I-ever-remember miles later Goaty and I charged(ish) over the finish line in a respectable(ish) 2:10.38

My trusty Combat Stress running vest stood out well, as did the CS t-shirt I wore to the post-race pub blowout mit medal. It got a few tongues wagging which can only be good. That and my best I've-followed-through type hobble thanks to seized knees. :oops:

Around mile 12, when I was seriously struggling to maintain pace with my motivational version of a wank bank nearing depletion, I brought to mind the astounding, inspirational, utterly nails Bootneck who laid down on that grenade. He and all the others like him got me through. Oh, and the fact that Goaty began, err, 'singing', loudly, along the last mile... :omg:

Thanks again and pretty-please-with-knobs on, keep it coming :cyclopsani:
jack-daniels said:
Where was the half you did Dolly? I'm resting on my laurels for the downward slope to London at the mo.
It was the Paddock Wood half - it's been going 19 years and is supposedly Kent's premier race - it's certainly very well run and the course is almost entirely pancake flat through the gorgeous 'Garden of England'. It's popularity stems from it's annual proximity to the London Marathon - many use it as the build up, as I did also last year.

I don't have much to compare it with but hear that it's a good one, you'd be welcome to join me next year ..... oh my God, what I have just said!? A few hours ago it was never, never again... well, for a few minutes anyway before you hare off! The winning racing snake managed 1:10 today, the snakess 1:20 8O

Best of luck to you on the Marathon, JD, I'm hoping it won't be as bloody hot for you all as it was last year.
liz_the_nurse said:

Well done girlie and all for an awesome cause. A bit from me to follow.

Cheers lass! :hug:

By 'eck it was 'ard but definitely worth it to swell CS' coffers.

I'm knackered and I should have hit the hay hours ago but can't climb the stairs! :lol:
Donation on it's way! Well done mate, sterling effort!

Hope those knees recover before our bimble! :-D
Nay problem Flower-fairy, I'll be fit as a fiddle playing flea in a few days ready to roar up and down some bumps.
Sponsorship much appreciated matey, thank you. :flower:
Forgot, sorry

Payed up now :D
Bumper-rama :D
A thousand thank yous my TLA lovelies :blowkiss: (i'll wager MDN never thought he'd ever be called that..... PTP too come to think of it :D )

Please, pretty please with knobs on, keep it coming. I'm in no doubt that Combat Stress are right now in desperate need of precious resources as they ever have been in their existence.

My hip has decided that currently swimming 4 miles and running 12 miles a week is just not cricket with a knee and opposing ankle considering coming out in sympathy, but that's a mere speck of significance in comparison with the dark, dark place PTSD sufferers find themselves in. Please help me to help them.
36 hours to go....... :strong:

A squidgy little bump here on this POETS day... one less pint this evening and the difference lobbed in my pot (oo-err) wouldn't half make you all feel warm and fuzzy in your tummies instead of your swedes, honestly it would :D

Much thanks-yous again to all those ARRSErs who've sponsored this dafty, even the ones who didn't bump this thread ;)
Bit of a hoik and a scrounge to remind all those with a quid or two burning a hole in their pocket that I'll be taking part in the Great South Run on Sunday - my third and final event of the year for Combat Stress.

I'll be the one simultaneously sweating and shivering in the forecasted chilly North Westerly!

Thanks again to all the ARRSE sponsors so far; to all those benevolent souls contemplating parting with a beer token or three please, please just cough up. It's Friday, spread the love! :D
Thank you Mikal, very much appreciated :hug:

Well, after a couple of miles trudge to the start from the Gosport ferry, Goatman and I were drenched. Sadly that status was to remain the order of the day but the bands, supporters and sights of Pompey made the run bearable.

Despite 19,998 other runners, the relentless rain and our vow to take it very easy Goaty and I ended up with a pretty respectable 1:39.18 - chuffed to buggery with that one! Especially considering as this retard did an 11 mile hike on the North Downs yesterday too, telling myself it was 'a warm up' :roll: :D

Anyway, that's my races complete for this year and, despite at this moment in time resembling somebody who should be wearing calipers, I'm pleased with the result and deeply indebted to all those who sponsored my efforts for such a worthy cause. Thanks again.
More grateful thanks go to chris951 and tiger stacker - you guys are champs for sponsoring me more than once! :hug:

With the addition of gift aid it looks as though I've exceeded my target - thanks to you all on behalf of myself and more importantly those who will receive the benefit of vital assistance from Combat Stress.

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