Combat Soldier 95, why?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Fruitfly, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Why does the army insist on wearing nothing but CS 95 these days? Especially in jobs where driving a desk, not an AFV! I was once told by someone that they wore CS 95 in the office in order to empathise with the field army; utter nonsence! Can't be bothered to make an effort more likely.
  2. Maintaining a single clothing range is significantly cheaper; CS95 can be thrown into the washing machine rather than needing dry cleaning; if you are anything other than a pure desk-jockey it is surprisingly practical; in a joint environment it engenders team cohesion - oh and if you spill your lunch on it, no-one notices.
  3. They pay for it and issue it so i wear it, quite simple really. The 'smart stuff' i have was all paid for by me so why ruin it when good old '95 will do the job and is actually quite comfortable to wear and very tumble dryer friendly.
  4. Because your in the fcuking Army.What do you want to wear?
  5. Thank you, that is exactly the responce I expected. A little chippy.
  6. congratulations

  7. Mega-Bone! & Why is this in the Community Pages Forum :? ?
  8. Quite - To the hole with this one I reckon.
  9. where can you get some 95 gear extras and stuff? I need some spares
  10. PM me your requirements and bank account details. I'll send you the kit and debit your account accordingly.
  11. yeh, right lol, seriously tho, where can you buy this stuff from
  12. Try strikeforce supplies for clothing; fairly cheap.

    It's simpler to maintain one order of dress; it's comfy, fairly smart when ironed, practical and obviously identifies you with the army. Extra orders of dress are unnecessary when one will suffice for everything.

    Have you joined just to troll about uniform?

    Edited for grumpyness
  13. Tescos online.
  14. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    What kind of a sh1t thread is this?

    Would you have everyone wear clown suits instead?
  15. Bring back the redcoats and shakas!