combat smock mk2

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by megadeth, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Seen a few around . Anybody got any views om them ? Plus for 100 quid they must be good , or ??
  2. Good...

    But you can get tehm through the system for free.
  3. not on normal issue , the mk2 version with the vents and so

    New improved DPM smock with the following: - Wired hood - Under arm zip vents - Mesh lining - Four main pockets - Two zip chest pockets - Two side pockets Nato no: 8415-99-849-4035
  4. i have one size 180/96 brand new still in the bag, if anyone is interested make me an offer
  5. These are either the SF Tantalus smocks or PECOC trials smock.
  6. Me and a few mates have them, have done since 2007, they were replacements for the RM/ SF smock with no wired hood, or rank tab. They're really good bits of kit, slightly heavy for a CJ and really hot in sunny weather, as the mesh lining does the good stuff of cooling but being windproof there is no where for the heat to go. My zips are pretty much always undone.
    It fades really fast too and then holds its colour thereafter (if that makes sense?) But it is washed in Nikwax Tech Wash.
    I also fould it slightly baggier than normal CJ's too.
  7. What is Tantalus? The mesh insides of it?
  8. Tantalus is the project name for SF clothing. Like Cbt 95 but more up to date, few more sexy features etc.
  9. sf clothing is rather gucci i must say, got loads of built in features for e & e like wire sewn into the seems for snares, razors in the collars, button compass on the cuff, loads of other hidden extras aswell. it also has the mesh pockets and compass pouch etc sewn on the front and under the arms.