Combat Shotgun

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by No_Duff, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. I've seen film and Photo's of the Combat Shotgun being carried.

    I wondered how often it's used/fired against the "Enemy".

  2. Go on tour and find out, if no longer serving don't worry because the answer will never affect you.

    You're welcome.
  3. Simplest answer: whenever the enemy is a door? think logically
  4. Here's something even more interesting; my Army number begins with 2517!
  5. I haven't got an Army number, they won't give us ACF Instructors ones, pfft one army my swinging dick!
  6. didn't realise that it was that secret that us old duffers are not allowed to know. Go on give us a clue, unless of course you have no idea.
  7. I'll let you know when the ACF get them and I can read the PAM. They're having to take the Semi-Auto function off of the weapon for Cadets so we don't waste too much ammunition.
  8. That's because you're not in the Army. The clues are there...'Army number!'

    You are a youth organisation.

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  9. Depends on which Nationality and Service.

    I can tell you we had 12 Mossberg M500A, and 12 Winchester M1200 trenchguns in my US infantry company and they were used, carried daily.

    One use was for M1114 turret gunner to give warning shots to civilian vehicles as it was less likely to wound/kill occupants than the M4 and M240/M2HB.

    Another was transporting detainees. can tell you that with an old 1917 Bayonet fitted the detainees eyes never seemed to leave the tip of the blade and they were much more compliant.

    Used for door breaching, and was used for room clearing as the Winchester had no disconnector so could be slam fired repeatedly. I can think of about a dozen instances where used against an "Enemy" who was armed. None walked away

    Its main disadvantage was nighttime/limited visibility use. Miss and every swinging dick for a 1/2 mile knows you're there from the god awful muzzle flash which blinds you and those in your stack, shuts down your NVD's.
  10. Good for ally photos in the PB, I don't think anyone from our Company actually took it on the ground.
    Call me old fashioned but issued desert boots can take care of most doors in rural Helmand :)
  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    On patrol? Maybe opening doors - anything else your basic assault weapon with a 30 rnds is better suited - I have no idea why the MOD purchased it for the use it is seeing.

    If I was an extremely cynical and mistrusting chap I might surmise that some thought it was a wizard wheeze to show how "The Troops" are being supported with the weapon they need - queue BBC and the MOD feed - while actually being slightly useless and costing very little.
  12. the muzzle flash at night is quite spectacular, also the limited range can also make you feel like a spare prick at a wedding.

    i never liked it (mine seemed to enjoy trying to double feed and no-one really seemed to know how to use it, whenever told to take it i usually took a pistol as well) due to the above but on the plus side it looked ally as **** and the ammunition was lighter.

    we had 1 per plt and it was usually the signaller that carried it, the theory being that along with the plt cmd they were always with the lead section. i've also seen plt sgt and plt cmd carry them as basically they wanted a go.
  13. YOu have to wnder, with the Masterkey system, why do they still use a combat shotgun? am sure you'd get a masterkey onto an SA80?