Combat Rescue Medivac

Combat Rescue Afghanistan 2009 "Teaser Two" on Vimeo

Found the above clip whilst trying to find footage of some of my collegues.

Its an excert from a film made by a US medic (I believe) but I cannot find the finished movie.

Anyway, the clip shows a US combat rescue team picking up a wonded UK soldier. What really hit me was the respect and commradeship shown in this short clip.

There is always a lot of banter around US/UK and who is best, but I think this shows that when it counts, the yanks are not all c#nts.
Pedros are top chaps.

I had the misfortune of having to pop in to their HQ after they lost crew, and despite their obvious greif in a such a small group, they were still professional and keen to get on with their task.

Green foot prints adorn the walls, sprayed on with stencils, and EVERYONE is a Pedro even if you are just the (rather attractive) girls sat on the radio.

I'll forgive them that flare their heli rippled off, landing in between my dets genes/pol store and sat dish!!!
Pedro are awesome cannot praise them enough. I'd heard rumours about them giving a 'Pedro saved my life' coin to the injured. Having had the mis-fortune to require their services, I woke up in BSN role 3 coinless. Anyone shed any light?
Never heard of that one.

They do have unit coins though.

The ones you definitly wont get are the ones for the PJs themselves, they are given out by the commander for certain numbers of missions.
Pedro were certainly giving coins to some people on my last tour (14A); I think it was just based on whether they had time to visit and the patient still being there.

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