Combat pistol training by ex Royal Marine in USA

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Should be worthwhile for all the local militias in the area, could even turn into a Phase 1 Walt training course
  2. Now that Bat Masterson , knows how to order a revolver !! He knows what he likes & likes what he knows. lol.

  3. I hope thats either a demo on how not to use a handgun or "Gats for Gangsta's" phase 1.
  4. It is a bit of the ole' gangsta stylee!

    The article is good though.

    If you want the real Gangsta Style look Liberia is the place to be:
  5. Actually, that stance isn't quite as off as it looks. The old flashlight technique wherein the flashlight hand locks behind the weapon hand has fallen out of favour in some circles, as it is too easy for the bad guys to target the light source which coincides with your centre of mass, and seriously spoiling your day.
    Holding your light source away from your body may be slightly detrimental to your accuracy, but it may increase your chances of surviving the encounter.
  6. I think he meant the Glock at 45 degrees from vertical. I suspect he's doing it to illustrate some point or other. I'm not going to argue with him - he's got a gun!
  7. GUN! Gun! Guns are artillery pieces - damn your eyes, this is Arrse and correct military terminiolgy will be used. Acceptable terms are "shooter" or "piece", "Puttin a cap in ya ass" or "packing heat" (for the Starsky and Hutch generation) are allowable. "Slotting" and "dropping" can only be used if prefaced by the pro-term "Fijian Bob".

    Not in my day, baah, completely encased in ice etc.
  8. Hope you've got a good dentist - that was a really hard bite! :D
  9. DENTIST, dentist!

    For fecks sake, "Fang farrier" is the correct term and shall be used in place of dentist, "Gob Mob", "tooth fairy" (if light of foot) or "needle jockey" are acceptable terms at a push.
  10. I thought any weapon prefaced with 'Fijian Bob' was either a 'long' or a 'short' which is then used to 'slot' 'tangos'.

    Or have I just failed 49 para selection once again?
  11. You are in the "know" and are correct in your pro term useage.

    Kiss Kiss Bang bang etc.
  12. It is a little "flamboyant" isn't it? You have to make allowances for bootys, I suspect he's a big Judy Garland fan and knows several names for the colour blue.
  13. Granted use of a torch in such a manner is recognised but canting the weapon over like that and he won't hit a barn door.

    Pure Waltism :wink:
  14. Mingus? Wasn't he a jazz instrumentalist? 8)

    This looks very like the kind of practical/combat shooting instructional thing that the late Col. Jeff "Walk On Water" Cooper (?ex-USMC?) used to run with such success.

    Tho' probably not as good. Cooper was world class - and knew it, and told anyone who'd listen. :D