Combat Pants

Sounds like the 'tier 1' they mention is similar to the 'blast boxers' mentioned here: BBC - Newsbeat - British Armed Forces tests 'blast pants' for troops

It always struck me how whenever you see phots of US forces they have this sort of crotch-flap on their body armour, yet until this we never have had such a bit of kit. After speaking to a couple of nurses while on a short course a little while ago, a lot of guys who are losing legs to IED's are losing more besides. Enough to make my eyes water really! And if the codpiece avoids rubbing the skin raw with every step and 'flapping up' when exposed to a blast from below, then credit to DSTL for making something more practical than the cousin's issue.
Looks more like a combat nappy.

kept in a pouch until its needed on patrol? Surely you wouldn't know you needed it until you stepped on an IED, couldn't see you walking far in it before it rubbed your legs, could see it practical for vehicle operations may be, just like the kevlar boxers for heli pilots during the Vietnam war.

The american crotch plate on their body armour wouldn't held with IED directly might help you if you where stood nearby and got some shrapnel, also they are horrible to move around in.

Also the dreaded words "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" are used
Damn you got me.

Looking at another thread the underwear look very similar to the black anti bacterial issue ones, apparently they mitigate blast effects and shrapnel?
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