Combat Missions

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diverre, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. When I was living in Asia we had Combat Missions on the Cable as they're TV was USA orientated. I have not seen it here but actually recorded the whole series and put onto Dvds

    If there is enough interest I will go through the pains of uploading the series.

    It was quiet well made and is a bit like team tests between SEALS Delta Force, SWAT etc. The Navy SEAL Scott Helvenston who was later killed and burnt and displayed whilst in Iraq was a participant in it and you will be amazed at his fitness. He also did a Navy SEAL fitness DVD

    It was made for and hosted by Ex Navy SEAL Cmdr Rudy Boesch who had taken third place the US Survivor series in Borneo, he would have won and was the favourite but dropped his hand on the final test to every ones amazement (and his own Dohhh!).

    Anyway I'll see if anyone wants to watch it. It may have been on over here but as I was abroad for 13 years straight I don't know, so please let me know if this is old hat?
  2. 151 views and no requests. Ok saved me the hassle of uploading it. :D
  3. Thought that counts mate.
  4. Cheers Looney m8 :D
  5. I'm pretty sure it was on bravo or a similar tv channel a couple of years back
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Ah mate, i've heard about those but never been able to track them down, if your not going to upload them would it be possible for me to get a copy?
  7. BBear no probs m8. I have sent you a PM and will sort it out for you. I cant be arrsed to upload them now anyway, as it would take yonks.

    Bloody good series anyway, you will enjoy it .
  8. Good Series?

    Is this that dodgy program that was on Bravo where agang of lunatics do a TESEX exercise against the worlds worst enemy?
  9. Yep. Load of pish. Can I have a copy too? :D
  10. I remember watching it years ago, and remember thinking that my OTC MTQ1 platoon could have taken them on and trounced them!

    They didn't seem to have any concept of "reaction to effective enemy fire", their idea of fire and manoeuvre was "I fire, I move a bit, I fire, I move a bit", I never heard a single fire control order. there was no "winning the firefight", PROWAR, or anything like that.

    The "team" events seemed to involve them going one after another into an individual challenge.

    The only guys there that seemed to be any good were the SWAT guys whenever they did a Fighting in Someone's House-type mission. In open warfare they were even more crap than the rest.

    Load of piss maybe, but I was glued to the screen!

  11. ditto that
  12. Although the SWAT team won it in the end. Not a bad download when it was available on Demonoid. The thing that got me was the mission where they had to intercept the truck, and they were all told the license plate number and then proceeded to ignore that and attack the first truck to drive up except the Swat team.